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Under the Saddle

Meet the backbone of the Hope Ranch program. Our program horses are as trustworthy as they get. Many of them have been in the program for years, others are from abusive backgrounds and have found a new life at the ranch!


This big boy weighs in around 1300 lbs and is a favorite among our riders. He is part Draft horse and is about as slow as it comes but he always gets the job done. He has been a program horse for 3 years now.


Once destined to be a great barrel horse, Billie has lived her life carrying around the precious cargo of our program. She is full of sass and loves her job! Billie has been a program horse for 10 years.


Our trusty ol’ cow horse has been toting around kiddos in our program for 5 years. He is named socks for no reason other than his socks! He is also a favorite among our riders.


This tough chick was rescued from neglect. Once, a great Western Pleasure horse, we have given her a new hope at the Ranch.


A retiree of the jumping world and recently donated to Hope Ranch. She will be making her debut this spring. Kira was a very successful jumper and is excited to be a successful program horse.


One of our newest arrivals, JD dabbled and succeeded as a reigning horse. One of our most skilled horse yet filled with spunk, JD is in his first year as a program horse.

Roulette 22

Dubbed “Roo” by our volunteers and riders, Roulette 22 was a well-rounded hunter horse with ribbons under her belt. She was donated to us and has a made an exceptional impression in her first year as a program horse.

Everyone rides. Help us give that hope.

Hope Ranch never turns an individual away. Your donation helps support a rider and their horse, whether its large or small.

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