Board Hope Ranch

Keep Your Horse with Us

Hope Ranch Therapeutic Riding Center offers Stall and Pasture Boarding, as well as a fee for Haul-In Horses. We would like you to come see where you and your horse can have a great experience.

Stall Fee – $500 monthly

Boarding in stall with two feedings daily and turnout.

Pasture Fee – $250 monthly

Boarding in pasture with two feedings daily.

Haul-In Horse Fee – $20 fee applies per day, per horse

Access to both indoor and outdoor arenas each day.

Additional Amenities

Access to an indoor insulated arena

Access to an outdoor arena and round pen

Access to jumps and barrels

Access to private tack lockers with padlock

8 available tack up stalls

Access to a horse wash station with hot and cold water

Access to laundry on site for horse-related accessories

Access to lounge with refrigerator, microwave, and coffee maker.

Everyone rides. Help us give that hope.

Hope Ranch never turns an individual away. Your donation, whether large or small, helps support a rider and their horse.


How to Find Us

3841 W 69th Ave
Manhattan, KS 66503
Phone No:
(785) 587-8180
Executive Director:

Ken Scroggs
(785) 587-8180

Program Coordinator:

Karin Scheideman
(785) 587-8180

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